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A Bit About Us…

We are real estate investors offering our investors the same infrastructure we use for our own investments in the regions in which we invest. We have been in the real estate business for decades, and with the recent real estate market crash have seen good performance on our investments due to our methodical real estate investment philosophy.

As such, we decided to let other investors in on our investment methods in order for them to enjoy the same high returns and future appreciation, as we do.

Our Investment Philosophy

We look for properties that make sense today, in terms of cashflow and upside appreciation potential.

Our focus is on residential income properties, whether they be single family houses, multi-family or apartment complexes. As you may know, real estate is not only about location, as location is only one of many factors in real estate investing. We look for properties that are located in good neighborhoods, with good schools, access to shopping centers and main roads, and located in high-occupancy rental areas.

We usually will try to go after properties that are priced well-below market value and that have some advantage relative to the neighborhood. This for ease of getting a steady flow of good tenants, as well as high future appreciation.  We check for rent demand, speed and history in the areas we buy,  so that whether property values go up or down, our cashflow is steady and strong, while future appreciation is an added bonus.

Our Team

Michael Kellner

A highly experienced architect, builder, developer, and investor for the past 30 years. He has designed and built scores of residential communities in New Jersey,  North Carolina, and in Israel.

Michael’s vast experience, professional expertise, ethics and insight are an asset to any investor who comes in contact with his winning personality. He has the outlook and potential foresight of current areas that are positioned for great appreciation, as he has done dozens of times in the past.

Finding the right markets with professional teams in place along with properties that cashflow today, with the potential upside of tomorrow make this father-son combo the best in the industry today.

Roy Kellner

Founder of Kellner Investments, holds a BSc. in Electrical Engineer from the Technion Institute of Technology in Israel, and has been an international real estate investor, property manager, and financier for the past 15 years, with investments ranging from land to residential houses and buildings.

The expertise, experience, and connections he has built over the years are those that provide him with the access and clairvoyance of high-yield, high-quality successful real estate deals, with a great upside potential for future appreciation.

Local Real Estate Team

In every one of our investment locations, we have set up a team of local real estate experts to help us manage our investments, as we usually do not reside where we invest.

These teams are made of the following experts:

Real Estate Investment Agents – trained by us in our investment philosophy and in the factors we look for when analyzing properties in a specific area.

Renovation Team – a reliable array of skilled professionals which we have hand-picked. We use these professionals for all our rehabbing needs, as they possess the know-how and expertise to the standards we demand for our properties, at the right pace and at affordable, below-market prices.

Property Management – the best property management team in every one of our regions; all local, and very professional in all aspects of managing our investors’ properties, as well as our own. The property management team takes care of all tenant screening and placement, lease agreements, payment collection, and routine repairs.

Insurance agents – we work closely with our insurance agents to make sure our investors get the best service and coverage on their insurance policies at the lowest prices.

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